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The types of dental dentures in our lab include fixed and removable dentures. Zirconia, Emax, PFM, Full cast yellow gold, and implant restoration are commonly used in the tooth repairing technology as a fixed method, the removable denture can be distinguished into full denture and partial denture. Some cases need to use the combination of metal and acrylic when fabricating detachable dentures, like metal partial dentures. No matter whether the patients are missing one or more teeth, or have the problem of tooth chipped, tooth decay etc, golden smile dental technician will offer a workable solution.

The Benefits of Using Golden Smile Dental Restoration:

Shenzhen is the world's largest denture production base. According to data provided by American dental equipment manufacturer Dentistry, 60% to 70% of the global denture processing business is in China. China's denture exports are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, and industry insiders joke that "once Shenzhen stops production, the world will suffer from toothache." Golden Smile denture can make the best dental production for reason:

1. Market leadership position: As a successful company, market leadership position is one of our primary advantages. We are in a leading position in the industry, and with years of experience and continuous innovation, we have established a solid market position. Gain a deep understanding of market demand and trends, and be able to respond quickly to meet customer needs. Our market share continues to grow, and our brand enjoys a good reputation and recognition in the market.

2. Senior team: We have an experienced team with years of experience and professional knowledge in the industry, which can provide customers with professional solutions and personalized services.

3. High-quality products: Our products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. We adopt advanced technology and equipment to ensure the performance and reliability of our products.

4. Customer First: We always prioritize the satisfaction needs of our customers and measure our work standards based on their satisfaction. Our team will do our best to help customers solve problems and provide timely service.

5. Timely delivery: We are committed to delivering products and services on time, ensuring that customers can use our products as planned without delaying the dentist's business.

The above are the advantages of our company, and we believe that our advantages will bring better experience and value to customers. To sum up, Golden Smile Dental Products is your best choice.

How to Choose the Right Dental Restoration?

Dental crowns should be selected based on one's own dental and economic conditions, including removable dentures, fixed dentures, post-core crowns, implant teeth, etc.

1. For fixed production: Its volume is similar to natural teeth, fixed in the patient's mouth, simple and comfortable, with a beautiful appearance and realistic colors, suitable for fewer missing teeth, which need patients with good conditions of adjacent teeth at both ends of the pontic, but due to the high price young patients have more choices.

2. For removable dentures: Widely applicable, generally, for single or multiple missing or complete teeth, removable dentures can be performed, which means patients can remove them by themselves conveniently to clean, and have less tooth tissue removed. It is relatively simple to make, and cost-effective, making it easy for daily repair and maintenance. Therefore, elderly patients have more choices, but due to the large volume and numerous components of dentures, patients may have foreign body sensations that affect pronunciation and produce nausea.

3. Implant dental: Patients who are willing and able to receive timely follow-up visits, with good overall condition, no serious lesions in the soft and hard tissues of the missing tooth area, and normal bone mass and density, can consider implant restoration. Dental implants not only have a beautiful appearance, but their chewing function and physiological aspects are almost similar to natural teeth, but their cost is relatively high.

4. Post-core crown: If the tooth is damaged and only the root remains, this situation is generally referred to as a post-core crown, which can help patients recover the function of their teeth as soon as possible. No matter how you choose what suits you, it's the best.

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