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Gold Tooth Crown

Gold tooth crowns are used primarily to restore molars and premolars, it's well known by most of people. There are many benefits for those patients choosing gold tooth crown, the advantage of biological compatibility, the high strength properties are available to withstand heavy forces from chewing. Gold crowns cause the least wear on the opposing teeth, which contributes to the long-last dental restoration. The patients can choose the yellow gold or white gold color, for some allergic cases, it's the perfect option for them to control other gum disease.

Types of Gold Tooth Crown for Sale

Full Metal Cast Crown (Yellow Gold 62%)

(Au:60%, Ag:27%, Cu:8.85%, Pd:3.65%)

Argenco 60 is a Yellow High Noble alloy for all crown and bridge restorations. Its gold color provides excellent esthetics and it polishes to a beautiful high luster. The use of a high noble alloy like gold in a high noble metal crown is less likely to cause an allergic reaction compared with base metal crowns. Argenco 60 is strong enough for implant bar construction and perfect for adjustable, removable restorations.

Full Metal Cast Crown (Yellow Gold with Diamonds)

On the basis of golden teeth, artificial diamonds are embedded, which have the excellent characteristics of golden teeth and beautiful effects; Under strong light irradiation, dental drills will emit a striking effect, which can have a certain cosmetic effect.

PFM Crown-Yellow Gold 74%


ARGEDENT74 with rich gold color allowing for warm, life like porcelain shades. 

Its light oxide provides excellent shade control and vitality.

It has a strong bond with porcelain, with a soft and natural white gold color.

It is used for both anterior and posterior short and medium-span bridge work.

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FAQs of Gold Tooth Crown

Q What Are the Benefits of a Gold Tooth Crown?


Gold has been used in dental restorations for over 4,000 years. Gold tooth crowns are exactly like any other tooth crowns. Compared with other dental crowns, gold tooth crowns have many advantages.

The main benefit of gold crowns is durability. Gold can withstand large amounts of pressure from chewing, so chewing won't wear down the crown, neither will tooth grinding. The acids in the food as well as the saliva, won't corrode the metal. Due to their durablility, they are less likely to crack or become brittle with time, that is, they are cost-effective as replacements are rarely required. Gold crowns are more durable than ceramic, porcelain or composite resin. This type of crown can usually last for at least 15 or 20 years.

Gold dental crowns are suitable for back teeth where they are invisible. Besides, your dentist can trim your tooth lesser if you choose a gold crown, therefore, you will save more of natural tooth structure.

Human body also tolerates gold better than most other popular materials. With other metal crowns, some people may not tolerate their crown well.

Q How Should I Care for My Gold Tooth Crown?


Unlike removable denture, you don't need to soak your crowns. But you do need to care for your teeth and crowns in your daily life. The following tips may benefit your oral health: Brush teeth regularly. Brush all your teeth at least twice a day. It's better to brush after meals or snacks, especially after eating sticky or sweety foods.

Floss. Floss between teeth to remove plaque and debris buildup. In this way, you can keep your crowns, teeth and gum healthy.

To ensure your gold crown in good shape and reduce the risks of damage, it's better to schedule regular dental visits. Communicate with your dentist to figure out how many appointments you need. Call the dentist if you have concerns. If your crown is damaged or you have other issues, don't hesitate to contact the dentist to schedule an appointment. Follow the dentist's instructions, which may include the toothpaste product you should use, what you should eat and what to avoid. Choose what you eat and drink in a wise way and stay away from sticky or hard food. 

With proper maintenance and care, it's easy to get long-term use for your gold tooth crown.

Q Can a Gold Tooth Crown Be Removed?


The answer is yes. A gold crown may need to be replaced when the tooth underneath has become susceptible from decay, injury or trauma.

But the only safe way to remove the gold crown or any other crown is to seek out your dentist and make an appointment to get it removed. If the gold tooth is damaged or you want to replace it with other material, contact your dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible depending on the severity of the damage. Failure to repair a gold crown will result in infection in your mouth, which will cause you much pain.

Tell your dentist the reason why you want to remove the gold crown. If you want the crown repaired, several appointments may be needed in order to fully restore the gold crown. This may involve the dentist taking an impression of your teeth. Take any prescribed medicines by the dentist and discuss whether surgery is needed. Ask the dentist about the procedure of removing the tooth. The dentist may give you a temporary crown before your procedure.

Anyway, let the dentist lead the way, just the follow their instructions and get your gold crown removed in a safe way.