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Precision Attachment

Precision attachment have been used for decades as a permanent, natural-looking alternative to dentures and bridges. However, to truly understand why dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement options, we need to take a closer look at each part of a dental implant. There are three main components have been widely used for decades and are trusted by most dentists, providing a reliable treatment outcome.

Types of Precision Attachment

Metal Protection Cap With Post

This fusion can be made even stronger by using a post that's coated with hydroxyapatite or roughed by grit-blasting or acid-etching to allow for more bone contact. The underlying material usually used for posts is titanium, although zirconia is quickly gaining popularity because it's hypoallergenic (i. e. it won't cause allergic reactions), heat- and corrosion-resistant, and also quite strong.

Titanium CAD/CAM Implant Bar

If you have good oral habits, implants can last a lifetime. Patients routinely get 25 or 30 years out of their implants, although the prosthesis sometimes requires replacement after 10-15 years due to wear and tear. 

Implant Bar - Titanium CAD/CAM with Teeth Shape (Screw Included)

CAD/CAM milled bar is a one piece milled titanium alloy structure and is the ideal option patient and provide a optimal foundation for great restorations.

Milling Reciprocal Arm

Milling reciprocal arm is normally designed on fixed crown or bridge to facilitate better connection with casting denture.

PFM-Ball Type Attachment

Ball attachments for PFM are a type of attachment system which is designed to provide a secure and stable connection between a denture and PFM crown or bridge. They are designed to be easy to use, durable and long-lasting.

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FAQs of Precision Attachment

Q The three main parts of most dental implants are?


The three main parts of most dental implants are: the implant , abutment and crown. 

Together these components deliver a potentially permanent solution that looks and performs like natural teeth and resolves the bone loss and other issues associated with missing teeth.

Q What is precision attachment?


Precision attachment is an interlocking device to connect prosthesis and abutments and is the functional components of the removable partial denture. Precision means being “precise”, and attachment means “a mechanical device” used to retain dental prothesis. These attachments are used to connect the PRD and the dental implants or abutment teeth.

Q What's the benefit of precision attachment?


Precision attachment can improve aesthetics and elevate psychological acceptance. Compared to conventional clasp retained partial denture, precision attachments can give better retention and stability. Besides, precision attachment can ensure better chewing ability and patient comfort because they can uniformly distribute the forces applied during chewing, increasing the patient’s comfort and efficiency.

Q What cleaning and maintenance routines are recommended for precision attachment dentures?


Just like natural teeth, dentures require proper care. Brush the denture with a denture toothbrush with non-abrasive toothpaste. Besides, routine check-up with dentist for adjustments and inspections are crucial.