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Emax Restorations

The E-Max crown is the newest and most expensive type of crown. It is preferred over zirconium crowns because it is tougher and more durable. It is less prone to chipping than zirconium crowns. Our types of emax crowns are made from lithium desilicated ceramic, a material that has been harvested for its translucent color and durability. As a result, you get a crown that is tough and durable, but looks exactly like your other teeth. The only downside is the e max crown price and cost. E-MAX crown and e max bridge are the best ones out there, so it is more than worth it to spend extra.

Types of Emax Crowns

E.max Layered Crown

Porcelain can be layered on it, creating incredible translucency and a very realistic looking tooth that matches with other natural teeth.include porcelain for added translucency and beauty.

Full E.max Crown

Full contour e. max or zirconia crowns are made entirely of emax material, provided well strength.

Full E.max Onlay

Cerec emax Inlays and onlays are a durable and aesthetic method of restoring a tooth that has been weakened, fractured or damaged by dental decay or an accident. Inlays of emax crown radiograph are used when the raised cusps of the tooth are not damaged. 

E.max Veneer

E-Max veneers are made from extremely thin porcelain to give you an all-natural look and can be fitted directly onto the teeth so there's no need to remove any enamel. These are a great way to cover single or multiple discoloured teeth, the crown is super strong and durable and because they'll keep your smile looking beautiful for longer.

E.max Bridge

E.max Bridge offers superior strength and aesthetics, providing a durable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth restorations.

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FAQs of Emax Restorations

Q What are Emax Restorations?


Emax crowns are a popular choice for patients seeking highly aesthetic and durable dental restorative. These all-ceramic crowns are made from lithium disilicate, a material known for its life-like translucency and ability to seamlessly blend with surrounding teeth, resulting in beautiful and long-lasting smiles.They are natural-looking crowns that contain no metal.

Q What are the benefits of Emax Restorations?


1) Emax products are bio-compatible, and won't harm teeth and gums.

2) The products are easy to use and apply, which often means that more work can be done in a single session, or that work can be carried out more quickly to make sessions shorter.

3) Emax products are free from metal, including mercury, so they are ideal for people who have concerns about amalgam fillings.

4) Restorations made with Emax products are natural-looking and can be made to perfectly match the colour of your own teeth.

5) Emax products are made of lithium disilicate, lithium disilicate is high-strength glass-ceramic that provide long-lasting restorations.

Q How long do Emax Restorations last?


How long they last depends a lot on how well you take care of them. The e.max material won't wear out or stain, so they have the potential to last indefinitely. With good care, expect a lifespan of at least ten to twenty years.

Q How to care for Emax Restorations?


1) Daily brush and floss between your crowns.

2) Avoid biting hard or sharp objects, or using your teeth to open packages or containers.

3) Keep your regularly scheduled appointments for dental cleanings and exams.

4) If you grind or clench your teeth, Dr. Becker can provide a customized mouth guard to protect your crowns from damage.

Q Are Emax Restorations safe?


Yes, it's very safe to use Emax restoration. All the material we choose for dental are food graded and FDA certified.